Friday, July 8, 2011

Updates Galore!

It's been quite a while since I've updated, so here's what us Hargett's have been up to in June and the first part of July.

We took a trip to Kansas from June 6-13 to go visit family. It was Stella's first trip to Kansas as well as her first time on an airplane! Stella did so great on the airplane and only got fussy a few times on the way there and on the way home. Here are some highlights from the trip:
 Stella went on her first plane ride

We "horsed" around with cousins 

We relaxed and took naps 

Stella had her first trip to the lake: Council Grove Lake 

Stella went swimming for the first time 

We played with our cousins: Maddox, 



and Holden. 

We took a trip to Manhatten Kansas to eat frozen yogurt at The Orange Leaf 

Did a little fishing in the pond at Frank and Alice's farm

Went camping for two days at Council Grove Lake 

Had a family reunion with my mom's side of the family. These are her siblings: Dan, Dwite and Sharon. This is the first time in YEARS that all the siblings have gotten together. 

Fed some ducks at the lake 

Did a little napping in the hammock 

Did some more vising with family. This is my mom's family. Bottom row: Aunt Sharon, Grandma Stella, my mom. Top row: Uncle Dan, Uncle Dwite and Grandpa Dean. 

We had LOTS of fun with my cousin Ricci and her family. 

We went to Reese and Jolie's swim meet 

Visited some more cousins in Wichita Kansas: Aunt Sharon, Cousin Laura, Cousin Beth and my mom 

Then we headed home!!!
We had a wonderful trip in Kansas and had a GREAT time vising with lots of family :)

Toward the end of June we went to the Farmer's Market downtown and visited the Children's Museum with our good friends Brittany and Taylor. Brittany brought along her nieces Taylor and Morgan and her nephews Kelby and Owen:
Stella absolutely LOVES the swings 

She even had her first ride down the slide 

Stella loves playing with Taylor 

 She especially loves to poke daddy

We had a great time eating lunch on the grass 

Stella had a great time exploring the Children's Museum. The kids even gave Stella her own personal chair! 

Stella loves to talk to herself in the mirror

We took Stella to the Springville Cemetary to visit her Great Grandma Helen and her Grandpa Jerry for the first time. Great Grandma Helen passed away 2 years ago, we would have loved for Stella to meet her. Grandma Helen was a wonderful person and we miss her so much. Troy's dad Jerry passed away in 1988 so I never was able to meet him. Stella would have LOVED to have met them both!

As for the ending of June...our Stella Baylee turned 10 months old on June 24th!

Stella now has two bottom teeth, she is crawling, can pull herself into a standing positon, says 3 words: bop, dad and uh oh, she does very well at mimicking, we are teaching her sign language and she is starting to understand the sign "more", she can wave bye when we say "bye bye". Some of Stella's "firsts" that happened: flew on an airplane, went to Kansas, swam in the lake, and went camping. Stella is very smart and is learning and growing each day.

It's just the beginning of July, so we haven't done much yet. The one thing we have done is celebrate the 4th of July. We had a great weekend celebration with family and friends. To start off the celbration we had a BBQ at our house on July 2nd. We had yummy hamburgers, pasta salad, my mom's famous potato salad, chips, soda and Aunt Patty's cookies!

On the 4th of July we had a busy day! Troy, unfortunately had to work, but Stella and I still had a great time! We started the day off with the Murray City parade. We joined my friend Marie with her husband Luke and their son Brody. This was Stella's first parade, she had fun watching all the people and seeing the colorful floats.

After the parade we had breakfast at Marie's in-laws and visited there for a while. Marie's sister-in-law took some family pictures of Marie, Luke and Brody and she even took some cute pictures of Stella. I'll get those pictures back this week. After visiting with Marie's family Stella and I headed over to my parents house to visit. Stella and were both we zonked out for a while!

We headed home around 6 to get ready for Brittany, Taylor, Landon and his kids Ashlynn, Avery and Aaron to come over to watch the fireworks from our backyard.

Our neighbors always have a big party with music and fireworks in the street. Stella only lasted until about 9:30 and she was off to bed. She did get to see the fireworks that were lit off in our street. She did great with them, she didn't get scared at all. At 10 we got to see the BIG fireworks from Thanksgiving Point. We get a spectacular view from our backyard. We had a great 4th of July weekend celbration and we are so blessed to live in a wonderful country!

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