Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Appointment #2

Today was my second baby doctor appointment. It was a pretty fast appointment and one that made me feel a sense of relief. This appointment consisted of a routine urine test, which my sugar and protein levels were good. Then I got weighed: only gained one pound, then did my blood pressure: 130/80 which I guess is good since the nurse said it was. Not really sure how the blood pressure numbers work, LOL. Then my doctor came in...who I love, she is a really great doctor! She went over my blood test and ultrasound from my last appointment. In the blood test I found out I'm O positive...I've never known what my blood type was, so that was cool to find out. All my blood tests came back normal and negative for the different diseases they test for. She also told me the MMR shot I got in middle school is still working because I'm still immune to Rubella. After that we got to listen to our baby's was so surreal. The baby's heartbeat was beating between 155-161 and the doctor said that was really good. So overall, my blood test, urin test and ultrasound test came with good results and me and the baby are doing great. It was a very relieving appointment for me. My next appointment is March 22nd then 4 weeks after that we'll be able to find out the sex of our baby!