Sunday, May 30, 2010

:26 weeks:

So I've decided to start taking weekly pics of my belly until I deliver. I figure my belly size isn't going to change too much week to week. But it will definitely be nice to have some pictures to put in Stella's photo album of how I looked week to week. So here is week 26!

Beautiful Day

Today was such a nice day, so we spent a little time outside with the dogs. First, here are some pics of our soon-to-be patio. Troy has been working so hard on it for the last two months and we are finally ready to pour the cement...TOMORROW! Yay! The cement truck will be here bright and early to pour and luckily we have some great family and neighbors coming to help. Troy is so excited to have it done (me as well) and to set up our new patio set and grill. We can't wait to have lots of bbq's this summer.

Here are some pics of my pride and joy's: Bentley and Koda. They sure do love being outside.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Under 100 days left!!

:25 Weeks:

That's right...we are down to the double digits. So far my pregnancy could not be going any better. It is true what they say, your second trimester is the best. I haven't had any nausea, I feel more energetic and my belly is now cute and round :) We have Stella's room all put together, we just have some finishing touches to do before it's all done. My mom came over a few weeks ago and fixed the accent wall Troy painted. It looks great! I decorated some block letter's that spell out Stella's name and now I just need to hang those up as well as some picture frames that we are gonna put pics of her in after she's born. I'll be taking pics of her room very soon!