Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Baby Stuff and My Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated my 24th birthday which was on the 28th. Friday we had a fun dinner at Red Robin with some of our close friends. Saturday Troy and I spent most of the day shopping for baby stuff. We bought our car seat/stroller, pack n' play and diaper bag at Burlington Coat Factory. I had no idea they had a baby depot in there! We got 15% off our car seat/stroller and pack n' play so it was less than what we had budgeted for which is always great! We bought a neutral car seat/stroller because I don't want to have to buy another one on our next pregnancy. We love it and can't wait to use it!
We also stopped at Sam's Club and bought our first package of diapers and wipes. We found it was a much better deal at Sam's Club than at Wal-Mart. That night we went to the Grizzlies game, I got discounted tickets through my work and thought it would be a fun activities for Troy and I to go to. We had a blast at the game and really enjoyed spending some quality time together (something we'll need to do often before the baby arrives :) Sunday was my birthday and we laid low because we were so busy on Friday and Saturday. But Troy gave me my presents and got me three Disney movies: Snow White, The Rescuers and Bedknobs and Broomsticks. He also got me the sweetest card, probably my favorite out of all the totally made me cry! Then we went out shopping again...but for a patio set this time. We are putting in a cement pad in our backyard this coming month and want to get a nice patio set for it. We found one at Home Depot that we love.
That night we went to my parents for dinner, they made chicken tacos and spanish rice...yum! My parents got me a cribbage board (a family tradition game) and my sister got me a gift card to Kohl's.
I had a great birthday weekend and was so glad I could spend it with my loved ones!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Bump

Well today I am 17 weeks along and tomorrow I will officially be 4 months into my pregnancy. My morning sickness is gone and I'm starting to get my energy level back up. Yesterday was our 3rd baby appointment. I've gained a total of 3 lbs, baby's heartbeat was at 155 and my doctor said everything looked great with the both of us. Some great news to share with you all....we find out what we are having on APRIL 1ST!!!! We are so excited! I already have a bit of a baby bump and I think it shows more on me because I didn't have a flat stomach to begin with, LOL. But I'm excited to have a big bump and to start feeling the baby kick.